Elsa Ramon Appears On BlockTV With Yael Lavie
Elsa Ramon interviews Yael Lavie at Consensus 2019 during NYC Blockchain Week

Elsa Ramon Appears On BlockTV With Yael Lavie

Consensus 2019 in NYC was quite exciting. This was my first crypto convention, and I was excited to meet people I had only interacted with on social media. There were so many great minds here working to launch their blockchain focused companies, as well as crypto artists, other crypto media and big crypto personalities! I felt the developers and presenters here at Consensus were deep in building mode, and not so much focused on investing and making money for lambos and luxury. This was a capsule of creativity and innovation, and I felt lucky to be inside.
With my background in journalism, I was naturally curious about some of the other media outlets attending Consensus, and I knew the crew from Israeli based BLOCKTV was going to be there. I sought them out to introduce myself and to praise their work in educating people about why cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are so important. To my surprise, their main anchor asked to interview me about Adventures In Crypto for a segment on her show. I was grateful, and asked if I could interview her for mine! It turned out to be a win-win for us both, and now I have new friends to visit the next time I find myself in Israel! Click Image below to see my conversation with Yael Lavie on BLOCKTV.

Elsa on BlockTV

Elsa Ramon Interviewed By Yael Lavie of BlockTV at Consensus 2019 during NYC Blockchain Week.