Would you give up a 22-year career in Network TV News to dive headfirst into the cryptocurrency rabbit hole? Elsa Ramon did, and she’s taking you along.

From the Road: A Blog of a Crypto Vagabond

StreamYard John Izaguirre ONTOLOGY
StreamYard John Izaguirre ONTOLOGY What does privacy mean to you? I used to think it was just about protecting my[...]
Linton Johnson of OVIS.News. Journalism 2.0 Not Your Daddy’ News
Linton Johnson of OVIS.News. Journalism 2.0 Not Your Daddy' NewsI've been open and vocal about teaming up with a small[...]
Do We Need Blockchain For Mortgages?
BeeMortgageApp.com Cryptocurrency Mortgage and Blockchain Mortgage Broker turned App Developer, Curtis Wood and wife, Cynthia, share clear-eyed thoughts on blockchain[...]

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